SUVA SILVER. Bestseller. Socks with the finest mercerized cotton and X-static

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SUVA SILVER COLLECTION. Bestseller. Business sock. One of the core articles in our SUVA SILVER COLLECTION. Knitted with the mercerised cotton (which is ligher, more prestigious and more expensive than the usual cotton) and X-static silver yarn. Silver yarn is present in the toe, foot and heal parts of the sock, while the leg part has a classical finish. This style is certainly among the coolest business socks available on the market today.

COMPOSITION: Mercerised cotton: 60%, Polyamide: 30%, Lycra: 2%, X-Static: 6%

Polyamide Plyamide
X-Static X-Static
Cotton Cotton
Lycra Lycra
Mercerised cotton
Made in EU Made in EU

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