SUVA SILVER. Best socks to be used at home

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Men's socks

SUVA SILVER COLLECTION. Best socks to be used at home and everywhere else where it is not important that your socks look high-tech or expensive. Very light and healthy. No spandex, polyamide, lycra, polyester, polypropylene etc. They will not be fit-bighting your legs, but your feet will really rest in these. Only finest combed cotton and X-static.

COMPOSITION: Combed cotton: 93%, X-Static: 7%

37-40 (23-25)
41-44 (27-29)
45-48 (31-33)

COLORS:  Black, Grey

Polyamide Plyamide
X-Static X-Static
Combed cotton Combined cotton
Cotton Cotton
Made in EU Made in EU

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