About Us

Suvashop.com is what you get combining a EU located hosiery factory with a convinient internet store of its own.

Sockmann Group OÜ
Reg.Nr: 11717422
Swedbank: EE38 2200 2210 4731 6743
Nordea: EE24 1700 0170 0258 1879
SEB: EE70 1010 2201 0564 3019

E-mail: tere@suvashop.com

Our Factory
SUVA AS & Sockmann Group OÜ based on 100% private Estonian capital is the oldest hosiery manufacturer in Estonia with more than 80 years of experience in the field. There is over 550 machines and more than 100 employees working at the company. SUVA AS & Sockmann Group OÜ manufactures nearly all kind of quality hosiery for men, women and children.

Highest EU quality standards are applied for all SUVA products, 100% of the articles sold at www.suvashop.com under our brands (SUVA, VENDI, ETNO, SUVA SILVER SOCK, etc.) are manufactured at our own factory in Estonia, Tallinn and 100% of the materials used in our production are Ökotex certified. The Safety and the Quality of the products we offer to our customrs is our top priority.


Our web store www.suvashop.com

We do not like the inefficient and unfair market, where in order to get a good product of it’s choice, one has to sponsor numerous middle men and third parties, that stand between the producer and the final consumer, greatly increasing the final price of the product. There can be more or less links in the chain, the end-consumer usually does not even get to know how many businneses had their chance to stuck into the product with their costs and profits before it finally gets to the shelves in the local store.

What we try to do at suvashop.com is to eliminate each and every unneeded link between the manufacturer and the buyer, making the path the product has to travel as short and the price the buyer has to pay for it as low as it can only be. Your order is put together right at our factory and is sent directly to you by the shipping method of your choice.

The price of the product equals to it’s production cost, a small margin of the manufacturer and the delivery cost (we are not adding anything on top of the shipping cost, on the contrary in some cases we bear part of this cost ourselves).

Result is our factory’s webshop. Welcome!